Aarogya Foundation brings the first Tacrolimus test facility in Nepal

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On: 1st February 2015

KATHMANDU, Sept 20: Thank god renal transplant patients in the country will no longer have to go abroad for tacrolimus test as the Aarogya Foundation has launched the facility here in Nepal. The tacrolimus test is used to measure the amount of drug in blood to determine whether the concentration of the drug has reached a therapeutic level and is below the toxic level.

Amid a program held in the capital on Saturday, CPN-UML chairman K.P. Sharma Oli inaugurated the facility. Oli, who is also a renal patient, thanked the foundation for bringing such service to the country. He said that advanced services are absolutely necessary in the country, and that the foundation has done a great service to the nation. General Secretary of the foundation Dr Pukar Chandra Shrestha said that the facility has eliminated the need of outsourcing the test to India, and with that the cost involved in foreign exchange and the precious time. Earlier a patient had to wait for a week to get the test report from Delhi. Now, he said, the foundation will provide the result within half an hour. Renal transplant patients have to take drugs lifelong to avoid the rejection of the received organ. “Tarcrolimus causes kidney damage if the patients take high dose of medicine. If the level of drug is low, the body rejects the kidney,” he said, adding that renal transplant patients should know the level of drugs they need regularly. Due to lack of service in the country, renal transplant patients have been compelled to depend on India to know the drug level they require and spent a huge amount in the process. Dr Shrestha said that the tacrolimus test should be conducted in two weeks to six weeks period. He added that several people, who cannot afford to go abroad for the test, have been suffering repeated renal failure due to irrational use of medicines. The foundation claims that the service is not in the private and in government hospital, as it is not profitable and sustainable. The foundation has invested Rs 8 million for the facility. Chiarperson of the foundation Ani Choying Dolma donated Rs 3.5 million for the facility. The foundation in the past had introduced Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) test facility for the first time in the country.

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