Ani chyoing drolma

Date of Birth: 17 May 1970
Sex:     Female
Education:  Monastic Education for 12 years
Languages:  English, Nepali, Hindi, Tibetan
Nationality:  Nepali

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Choying Drolma was born in Kathmandu, Nepal to Tibetan refugee parents in 1971. From the age of
5, she did not have a day went by without beating to her mother and herself by her father. Seeing
lots of suffering and pain in life, in order to get rid of the tragic destiny of women in male dominated
society which she saw vividly in her own family and the community, the 13 years old Choying
Drolma decided to leave home to join a Tibetan Buddhist nunnery named Nagi Gompa on Shivapuri
Mountain in the northern slope of the Kathmandu Valley. The fate of her life, since then, was
rewritten. Her education and spiritual training were supervised by the renowned meditation master,
Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. She was well-trained in Buddhist meditation, chants, rituals and
ceremonies performance, and was quickly advanced to the position of chanting master in the
nunnery. Overwhelmed by the guidance, caring and love from her teacher Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche,
Ani Choying Drolma was not only able to change the perspective of life by seeing the suffering of
her own father and many others, she also transformed anger and frustrations in life to compassion.

Ani Choying Drolma served Tulku Urgen Rinpoche until his parinirvana (passing away) in 1996.
From the experience of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche’s altruistic life-style, his willingness to always giving
to others without considering his own welfare, and his respect to nuns in the same regard as monks,
she has developed a sincere desire to contribute whatever capacities she has to benefit sentient
beings as much as possible and to promote the advancement of nuns. Ani Choying Drolma believes
that creating more opportunities for nuns to study and to develop their own capacities of skills and
compassionate actions are the best ways she can dedicate herself to her teacher’s vision throughout her life.

Her singing talent was first discovered by the famous American guitarist Steve Tibbetts, during his visit to Nagi Gompa. Even though she has never received any formal musical or vocal training, she loves to sing since childhood. When she sings, her voice sounds like an echo from the deepest part of a soul. Thanks to Steve Tibbett’s effort, Ani Choying Drolma’s first ever album “Cho” was launched in 1997. Since then, she has become a well-known name in the world international music scene. She toured in America and Europe and successfully presented Buddhist mantra and ritual chanting music to the world. Till to date, she has launched 16 albums, and performed for hundreds of events around the world. It is said that Ani Choying Drolma’s music is like a beam of light that cut through the darkness and is filled with compassion and purity. Her voice is also named as “the heavenly voice” with healing power.

Ani Choying Drolma is more than a world renowned singing nun. She is also an awarded
humanitarian. Since 2014, she is appointed as the first UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador for
Nepal. She described the singing ability is as her magic wand that manifests numerous successful
projects to promote education, health, children’s right and women empowerment.

She founded Arya Tara School in 2000 to provide education opportunities for young girls in Nepal.
Now, more than 150 children have been benefited. In 2010, she started Aarogya Foundation &
Kidney Hospital to provide high-quality yet low-cost dialysis services, and has established the first
HLA lab in Nepal which allows patients waiting for kidney transplant to get accurate test results for
organ matching in the very next day. Aarogya Foundation has achieved the goal in improving
medical facilities in Nepal and has successfully persuaded the legalization of 3rd party organ
donation by government through lobbying. In 2013, in order to provide assistance to single mothers who have difficulties in manage family and working at the same time, she started Arya Tara Pre-
school (ATPS) to take care children of single mothers during day time. ATPS is now operated by NWF nuns and well-trained Montessori teachers. After the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal badly in 2015, Ani Choying Drolma has rebuilt schools and facilities in remote villages. Also, she has started the Stars of Hope Schooling Program (SOH) to reach out to earthquake orphans or children who are in extreme poverty, for providing them full boarding education sponsorship. 125 kids are being sponsored by this program so far.

All the projects initiated by Ani Choying Drolma are financially supported by the proceeds from her
concerts, CD sales and donation from supporters. Her autobiography “Singing for Freedom” is first
published in French, and later on has been translated into 14 different languages. Copyright
earnings from her book is also contributed to all on-going projects.

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  • CHO in 1997 for Worldwide release by an American CD Company, Rykodisc.
  • DANCING DAKINI in 1999.
  • CHOYING in 2000
  • SELWA worldwide released in United States American in 2004. Manufactured by Six Degrees Records Ltd.San Francisco, CA
  • MOMENT OF BLISS in the year 2004, produced by Music Nepal (P) Ltd.   Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • SMILE  released in 2005 by Music Nepal (P) Ltd. Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • INNER PEACE I in 2006 and Manufactured & Marketed by SAC Music International, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • TIME album released in the year 2007 and produced by Music Nepal (P) Ltd. Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • AMA in 2009 and produced, marketed and distributed by Ani Choying Dolma, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • MATAKALA in 2009 and produced, marketed and distributed by Ani Choying Dolma, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • ˜INNER PEACE II  is the second part of INNER PEACE I, released in 2010, Manufactured & Marketed by SAC Music International, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • MANGAL VANI in October 12th, 2011, Manufactured & Marketed by SAC Music International, Kathmandu, Nepal. 
  • “KARMAPA KHYENNO” in 2011
  • “LAMA KHYENNO” in 2012
  • “HEART SUTRA”  in 2016
  • “NAMO BENZI” (Chinese compilation) in 2016
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Performance Highlights & Festivals

1998 Tour in 14 cities in USA
1999 Tour in 14 cities in USATour in France, Germany, and Switzerland

Ravinia Festival, Illinois, US

2000 Tour in 14 cities in USATour in Scotland, United Kingdom, Germany

US Smithsonian Folk Life Festival, Washington, D.C.

Scotland Millennium Festival, Glen Lyon, Scotland

2001 Tour in 19 European citiesConcert in Singapore

Sixth World Music Festival (2001), Barcelona, Spain

2002 Tour in 16 European citiesTour in 5 cities in USA

Concert in Singapore

Donohue Festival, Austria

2003 Tour in 25 European citiesTour in France, Germany, and Switzerland

Concert in Mirik, Darjeeling

Concert in Hotel Yak & Yeti, Kathmandu

Concert in Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Kurseong, and Pokharebung, India

2004 Tour in Denmark & SwitzerlandTour in USA

Concert in Bluestar Hotel, Kathmandu

Concert in Italy on World Human Rights Day

Concert in Barcelona for Forum 2004

Concert in the Garden Of Dreams, Kathmandu

Concert in Hong Kong

Weitsicht Festival

2005 Tour in USAConcerts in Switzerland, Italy

Tour in Germany

Concert in Hong Kong

Stimmen Festival/Voices Festival in Switzerland

Festival Musicale Del Mediterraneo, Genua, Italy

2006 Tour in GermanyTour in Japan

Tour in Switzerland

Enjoy Jazz Festival in Heidelberg

The New York Festival

2007 Concert in ParisConcert in Nepal
2008 Tour in London, Barcelona in DecemberConcert in Toronto

Norway Festival

2009 Tour in Switzerland, Poland and GermanyEuropean Spiritual Film Festival in Paris
2010 Concert in Moscow, RussiaPerformed at the H.H.Kyabje Dilgo Khenyentse Rinpoche’s 100 years Centenary Celebration

Performed at the Religious and Cultural Program in Lumbini

Performed at Buddha’s Birthday Celebration in Hong Kong

2011 Concert at Primitive in Chicago, IllinoisConcert tour in Germany and Switzerland

Performed at His Eminence Tenga Rinpoche 80th Birthday Celebration

Tour in Canada, New York, Washington DC and Chicago

Performed at the 4th New Music Week in Shanghai, China

Performed at the Buddhist Hymns and Culture in Singapore

Performed at the Celestial Songs in Hong Kong

Performed at the 3rd International Festival of Sacred Arts in India on March 2011

Attended the Weitsicht Festival in Darmstadt,Germany on April 2011

Performed at the Wesak Film Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Performed at the Maitreya Cultural Festival in Zhejiang Fenhua, China

Performed at the India Folk Music Festival in Rajasthan, India

2012 Concert tour in Jakarta and Surabaya, IndonesiaPerformed at Sangha Lunch offering in Malaysia

Performed in Ahmadabad, India

Concert tour in Poland

Performed at World Buddhist Assembly Bangkok, Thailand

Concert tour in Switzerland and Germany

Performed at Hymns Singing in Kaula Lumpur

Concert tour in Australia

2013 Concert tour in EuropeConcert tour in Ahmadabad and New Delhi, India

Performed at The Third Tibetan Culture Week at Spain

Performed at The DSC Jaipur Literature Festival, India

Performed at World Tour Exhibition of Jade Buddha for Universal Peace in Malaysia

Concert in Bhutan

Performed for MTV Coke Studio with A.R. Rahman in Mumbai, India

Concert tour in Mumbai, India

Performed at Quanzhou Buddhist Soul Music Concert in Fujian, China

Performed at International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) in New Delhi, India

Performed at International Festival of Buddhist Heritage of Ladakh, India

Performed at the Navdanya‟s Annual Bhoomi festival (Earth Day Celebration) in Delhi, India

Performed at Shanghai World Music Festival in Shanghai, China

Performed at Buddhist Art and Culture Festival in Indonesia

2014 Performed at Wuji Ensemble‟s Concerts in Hong KongPerformed at Moment of Inner Journey in Bilbao, Spain

Concert Tour in Germany and Netherland

Performed at Sounds of Contemplation in Singapore

2015 Charity performance for “Support Mila’s Tower” in Hong Kong.Concert in Taiwan

Performed in Hong Kong

Love for Nepal Concert in Singapore

2016 Performed for the charity concert in Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaPerformed for United Nation for International Day of Happiness in New York

Concert tour in USA

Concert in Hong Kong

Performed at Meredith Monk Concert in New York

Performed at Governing Council Meeting, Thailand

Performed for UNICEF fund raising Gala event in Germany

Concert in Koln

Concert in Taiwan

Concert in Yushu, Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Administrative Region, China

2017 Tour in USATour in Europe

BuddhaFest in LA, USA

Concert in Taiwan

Concert in Yushu, Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Administrative Region, China

Performed in “Voice of Thousand Years” charity concert in Singapore

Performed in Jahan-e-khusrau Concert in Delhi, India

Performed in Freedom Award Ceremony in the Atlantic Council, Warsaw, Poland

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Humanitarian Projects

Year Projects
1999 Founded Nuns’ Welfare Foundation (NWF) of Nepal to promote education and welfare of Buddhist nuns and raise awareness of gender inequality in society.
2000 Founded Arya Tara School (ATS) to provide quality education including academic curriculum, practical skills, Buddhist philosophy, music, thank painting, computer, and languages for over 80 nuns from Nepal, India and Tibet who are aged 7-22.
2006 Completed building of water reservoir to provide clean water to villagers living in the Seti Devi Village, Kathmandu.
2007 Established the first thangka painting school (in attachment with ATS) for nuns in Nepal to promote equal opportunity of learning for both genders in the monastic tradition.
2010 Founded Aarogya Foundation and established a Kidney Hospital (Aarogya Foundation Kidney Hospital) together with Dr. Pukar Shrestha, an organ transplant surgeon who returned from the UK, aiming at improving medical facilities for kidney patients in Nepal.
2010 Founded Red Tara Travels & Tours as a subsidiary of NWF. It is independently operated by nuns graduated from Arya Tara School, aiming at providing sustainable income for on-going NWF projects and infusing a genuine spiritual touch to travelers.
2012 Founded Arya Taya Pre-school (ATPS) with Ms. Astrid Beseler. This school is dedicated to helping single mothers in Nepal who need care-taking service for their children while working for bread and butter. Over 25 kids are educated and nourished by NWF nuns who are certified as professional Montessori teachers. NWF also provide financial assistance to single mothers for improving their livelihood.
2014 Aarogya Foundation purchased the first HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) organ matching equipment in Nepal. It brought a big step forward for the country’s provision of proper kidney and organ transplant service.
2015 Started the Star of Hope Schooling Program to provide education opportunity for children who are orphans or living in extreme poverty, with initial funding from Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple. The main objective of this program is to help the kids to develop their potential in fullest so that they will learn to pay it forwards to the community in future. The program sponsored full-boarding school expenses which cover basic living, tuition, stationary, uniform and transportation fee for 125 kids so far.
2015 Initiated the 1st Women Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Seminar in Nepal and financed the start-up of organic business running by women.
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World Women’s Conference, Beijing Plus Five,
U.N. Headquarters, New York
Sakyadita 6th International Conference of Buddhist Women, Lumbini, Nepal


Women of Peace Conference,
Torrino, Italy


Harvard University Bridge Builders Conference,
Cambridge, Mass., US.


World Social Forum, Mumbai, India
Conference in USA


The second global NRN conference held in BICC,
Kathmandu, Nepal


NRN Regional Conference


Attended and performed on the occasion of Nepal Day
Hamburg, Germany


Attended and performed in the 6th NRN Regional Conference Russia

NRN Global Conference held in Nepal


7th NRN Regional Conference
Sydney, Australia


The 3rd International Theravada Buddhist Universities Conference on ‘Buddhist Education & Life Education’ in Thailand

Performed at 1st Funding Members’ Conclave International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) in New Delhi, India.

The NRN Global Conference 2013 in Nepal


The SHIFT Series
New Delhi, India


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Key Awards & Recognitions


  • Certificate of Acknowledgement given to Ani Choying Dolma for the participation and valuable contribution to the Bridge-Builder Conference at Harvard University – February 2003.
  • United Nations Women’s Organization of Nepal present certificate for recognition as Honourable Member of UNWO – September 2004.
  • Token of appreciation on National Citizen Peace Recognition 2062 presented by Buddha Jayanti Celebration Community and  Peace Development Campaign Nepal, Putalisadak, Kathmandu – May 27th, 2005.
  • Awarded the Image Channel award for the Best Female Vocal performance for her song “Phoolko Aankhama” from her album, “Moments of Bliss”. The song was also awarded the best song of the year –  May 2005.
  • Honorary guest in the Abraham Conservation Awards organized by WWF, Nepal –  June 2005.
  • Awarded the “Chinnalata Githi Puruskar” in Kathmandu for best female vocal performance – August 2005.
  • Awarded Best Devotional Album by the Tibetan Music Awards held in Mcleod Ganj(Delhi) – October 22 2005.
  • Ani Choying was declared as the Ambassador of World Kidney Day in the first ever launched “World Kidney Day” celebrated in Nepal – 8th of March 2006.
  • Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network (NAINN) presented Peace Award – 2007
  • Executive Board Members for Lumbini Development Trust from-  From  2007  to 2009.
  • Acknowledged on Peace for Development by Krishna Mohan- Nyudub Peace Prize – In the year 2010.
  • Organizing and Selection Committee Member for “Gautam Buddha International Peace Award” – From 2010 to 2011.
  • Token of appreciation presented by Ananta Nepal 2011 for the immense support towards the economic empowerment of Women Home Based Workers. – October 21, 2011
  • Culture Ambassador of World View Nepal with the objective of playing a participatory role in sustainable development of Nepal  2011 – 2011
  • Goodwill Ambassador for Nepal Tourism Year in 2011 – 2011
  • Advisor for Nepal Buddhist Federation 2011 – 2011
  • Good will Ambassador of N-Peace Network to support women peace and security – 2012
  • The Freedom Award by the Atlantic Council – 2017
  • Suprabal Jansewashree by Government of Nepal from Honorable President Shree Vidya Bhandari of Nepal – 2017


Throughout the decades, Ani Choying Drolma has received appreciation from numerous organizations for her supports and efforts to bring the positive changes to society via different means including financial donation. The followings highlighted some of the appreciations received.

Appreciation Received

  • Everest Foundation Nepal – 2003
  • Little Angels School –
  • Krist Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd & Team Himalaya Media P. Ltd-
  • Man Mohan Smiriti Community Hospital- 2005
  • Metro FM 94.1, Kathmandu – 2005
  • Eurasia Reiyukai – 2005
  • Malpi International School, Panauti, Kavre, Nepal – 2006
  • Stupa Community Hospital, Boudha – 2007
  • Kantipur Television –
  • Rotary Club of Kathmandu & Patan ( For offering the proceed of Ani Choying’s Time for our Soul concert to build National Kidney Center in Nepal ) – 2007
  • Muktinath Orphanage Bhaktapur – 2008
  • Children Liberty English B. School – 2008
  • Madhurima Phool Kumari Mahato Youth Appreciation – 2008
  • Manmohan Memorial Community Community Hospital, Pharping – 2009
  • Shikharapur Community School – 2010
  • Surya Daya Jyoti Aawasiya Lower Secondary School-2010
  • Zen Swebeybar Terapath Kanya Mandal, Biratnagar- 2011
  • Mahendra Kumar Molcha Smriti Pratistha, Biratnagar – 2011
  • Boudha Multiple Campus, Boudha – 2012
  • Chiniya Lama Boudha Foundation, Boudha – 2012
  • Boudha Secondary English School – 2012
  • Yogi Narharinath Drisht Aadhayamik Parisadh – 2012
  • Shree Mahendra Boudha Higher Secondary School, Boudha – 2013
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