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Rebuilding School Project

The earthquake’s impact on education was devastating. According to Nepal Government Department of Education (DoE), about 8,000 schools were affected by the earthquakes and 32,000 classrooms damaged, which puts an estimated 1 million children at risk.

Our aspiration for rebuilding schools in remote areas is to let kids resume their school as soon as possible and happily. Through Rebuilding Nepal project we have rebuilt Gotham Devi Primary school which is located in the remote area of Tipling. The Gotham Devi Primary school is located 12 hrs drive and 2-3 days walk from Kathmandu. This school accommodates more than 120 kids. Every day these kid walks few hours from 4 different VDC. Even 1 year after the earthquake, many of the students hadn’t resumed their studies, the schools were in physically in very bad condition when we visited. The 120 kids had no proper class rooms and were still using three rooms for studying which only had a roof with holes and broken walls. It was very unsafe.

According to reports published by development organizations, the earthquake destroyed 98% of the households, 733 deaths and 587 governmental schools in Dhading alone.

We are very happy to announce on April 2017, we completed rebuilding Gotham Devi Primary School and the new session was started in these new buildings. The Gotham Devi Primary School was rebuilt with 9 rooms and 4 toilets with full furniture. We targeted to complete rebuilding Gothan Devi Primary School before April 2017 so that the kids could start a new session in a new school which did happen as planned.

Besides this, we have also been able to help another local individual to rebuild their local government schools. We are looking forward to rebuilding some more schools and support this kind of project in near future.

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