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Stars of Hope Scholarship Programme (SOH)

How its started

Star of Hope Scholarship program was started from 2016 after the 2015 earthquake which destroyed many lives in Nepal. While running relief program in various remote places in Nepal during the earthquake, we came across many children and families who were going through heartbreaking situation after the earthquake and some families were living very hard life even before the earthquake due to extreme poverty and the earthquake made it even worst.

Our Vision and goals

SOH program was specially initiated to reach out to the children who lost their parents during the earthquake and the kids who have never have gotten the opportunity to attend school due to extreme poverty.

Our goal is to provide an educational opportunity to these kids and provide a platform where they can develop to his or her fullest potential to help them create better future for themselves and for the community.

Since April 2016, Stars of Hope have admitted 116 kids providing sponsorship of USD 1000 per child per year, covering their schooling, stationery, uniform, boarding and transportation expenses for staying in the best boarding school available in their local neighborhood.  We have committed to support all these kids to complete their schooling.

The key factors which drive us to continue SOH program are, it has an amazing ability to reach out to the kid anywhere in Nepal and it also lets the child grow in the local communities where they belong to and stays close to their friends and family.

Future Goal

In the near future, we wish to be able to support those potential students to persuade further studies and full fill their dreams through this program. We are very much looking forward to sending more kids to school in the coming years.

We truly believe education is the most powerful and best possible tool we can offer our kids to create a better world for themselves and for all.

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