Reflection Within

My school

I feel life is like a flowing river. Life brings people from sorrow to happiness and it keeps changing. For me life in this school has been like reaching heaven. I’m learning many things here. My day starts at 5.00am where I am fully engaged in my daily schedule, there are rules and regulations which we follow respectively. In my school, I have a golden opportunity to fulfill my ambition and potential. There are opportunities to learn and participate in different duties; with different responsibilities and vocational trainings. Reflecting back on my life before joining this school I was often in dark places. I didn’t know how to speak or how to write. But now I’m able to express my feelings not only in one language but in different languages such as English, Tibetan and Nepali. Reading interesting and compelling books from my school’s library is a great way to learn and improve upon my knowledge outside the classroom. I feel privileged and really blessed to be here. In this school I have met so many amazing characters, they are a huge part of my life and it’s great living amongst 70 nuns. They are the most important people in my life, despite the fact that we are all from different regions of Nepal and India, and despite the fact we all have different castes, languages and habits.

Now, I fully appreciate what a vital role this school plays in my life and in my future; so much so that I wanted to write this piece expressing my feelings and my thanks. This school has made me the person I am today and I am so proud to be part of this family. Someday, I hope to be able to multiply the love and kindness I have received, for to do so would offer a huge benefit to our society.

Name:Dikki dolma


Our Environment

Our environment is where a number of creatures, organisms and plants reside, it’s where nature shines brightly and new life begins. It includes various natural resources which offer an abundance of gifts to the living world. It is the home of all living beings; it’s where the food chain and Eco system begins and ends. The life of every human, animal and plant is dependent upon a good, harmonious environment. A fresh and healthy environment forms the foundation in establishing a healthy life for everyone. Naturals resources like: forest, water, air, soil, mountains and minerals provides basic needs such as: food, cloth and shelter to every creature.

Most of the problems we have today such as ocean depletion, shortage of food and water, air pollution, water pollution and global warming are the result of environmental degradation. The environment is generous; offering lots for its inhabitants but humans are greedy. We are consuming more than that the environment and nature has to offering; we are taking more than it can give.

The main cause of so many environmental issues is over population and an increase in the consumption of natural resources. Along with this, science and technology; the industrial revolution, deforestation have also given rise to greenhouse gases and acid rain. Over processed and overused fuels and chemicals decrease the quality of our environment. This has global implications. The degradation of the environment has a huge knock-on effect; this spans all creatures, Eco systems and food chains. It gives rise to new diseases and leads to epidemic health issues. In conclusion, there are many different things that we as a society can do to reduce the overall effect that pollution is having on our environment. First, we must raise everyone’s awareness concerning the effects of environment degradation.

Second, we should apply and convince others to use the 3R’s principle i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle method in day to day life. Third, the nation should be developed in a sustainable manner. In this way, we will be able to minimize the negative effects of environment pollution. It might be costly to restore the environment back to good health, but saving our environment is so important; it’s the only home we have.

Name:Nyima Sangmo Moktan